Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jet-lagged in Paris!

Bonjour from France,

Maggie and I feel like we have been here for weeks now. The time is not flying by which is a good thing. I have seen so many things.. So many that it is hard to digest. I am American. I do stick out here! I feel like I have walked into another world. The people here dress so nicely and are so trim. I think if I lived here I would be skinny also with all the walking we have done. I think Maggie and I walked around Amsterdam twice! I could not close my mouth there. I was shocked, fascinated, and inspired! Y'all they are strange! But I think I like it.. France is a little more polished. It feels good to be here... Amsterdam felt like an alien world. But the people in Ams spoke great English... And helped us to get to our hotel for free! I think they felt sorry for us! I call it being charmed. In Paris it's harder to talk to people. But we have made it around just fine! Maggie and I are waiting fir the train to head to Sylviane's home! I can't wait to meet her.
I'll write more when I get there!
Oh.. I turned 30 in Paris! Cool.


  1. It is hard to type on my Iphone. So there might be some mistakes...

  2. Love it that you turned 30 in Paris!! Can't wait to hear all about it.
    xoxo, Kari