Saturday, September 25, 2010

Leaving the States.

    It's almost here! Time really flew by this month--I think because I was flying the whole time!  Work really  keeps the mind off of things.  And it helps me from spending that I want to spend in Europe! Maggie keeps telling me that there are stores over there.  I just have that feeling that I am not bringing enough or they wont have what I need!  I  will get over that when I get there.
   Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited about the trip.  The excitement will happen for me when we land in Amsterdam.  Right now it just feels like another day in the office--with extra baggage!  Time of take off is 5:20 pm. Cross your fingers and toes (that's what grandma Whitley would say to me when I had something big going on in my life) that we will get on that flight safe and sound to the Netherlands! It's here.


  1. Woo-hoo!! So excited for you both....aren't you glad that you chose Paris over the Pacific Coast Highway?! Love you guys! Kari

  2. Salut kelley ! Avoir un grand voyage amusant !