Monday, September 20, 2010

Take a trip with a friend.

  The adventure will start on the 25th of September.  My Aunt Maggie and I will be traveling across the sea to Europe for a 12 day holiday.  While out there we will be celebrating our birthdays!  Hers will be the first day in Amsterdam!  We plan on getting there in the morning of the 26th and staying till the next day.  A train ride will take us to the South of France!  Maggie has a dear friend that lives in a small town that looks at the Alps. Not too bad!  I am excited to meet her and the family and feel what its like to be French!  I can pretend!  After what I hope is a great visit, we will jaunt down to Italy for a day. Yes, just a day!  We have too much to do in our short trip.  A train ride will take us up into the Swiss Alps where I hope I can find some chocolate to eat!  After that it's Paris!  I am so excited to be able to see in person what I have been researching for so long!  We plan on hitting as many museums as possible, shop the markets and drink lots of wine!  So, I am about to take a trip with a friend!  More to come!

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  1. Welcome to Europe from the small village facing the Alps !!! Looking forward to seeing you both (Chocolats & red wine ready)! Mum's wondering at what time they can pick you up at the station?
    Today is a great day: JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE MAGGIE!

    Floriane, Sylviane & Bernard