Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's been a wonderful journey so far! Maggie and I are back in Paris! Our visit to Avouzon will stay in my heart forever! Maggies dear friend Sylviane took us into her home and showed us what French living was all about! I got to know her husband Bernard and her daughter Floriane as well. Bernard and I had a good time trying to figure out what we were saying to each other! But we found a bond in the rock in roll group The Rolling Stones! He is a sweet man and I'm glad to have met him. Staying in Avouzon with Sylviane and Bernard was like a dream and a true vacation. We decided not to go to Italy on the train and stay a night. Instead Bernard DROVE us there!! I got to go under the Biggest mountain in Europe... The Mount Blanc... and put my feet in Italy. The air there was crisp and clean. It felt good.. Or as I say in French, Bon! We got to eat Italian food and shop in the town of Aoste. Caio!
We then drove back to France and stopped in Chamiox which us at the foot hill of the Alps. I bought a hat to remember that cute town.. Which already felt like winter! Back to Avouzon with the gang and at supper. The time that we spent with them seems like weeks ago! It was hard for Maggie to say good bye... They are such dear friends.

Now we are back in Paris! We went to a French flea market and did not buy a thing!! Well I take that back. I got a royal with cheese from McDonalds. We walked miles today. Starting at the louvre and down champs elysses. I stood in the middle of the louvre and looked at Mona Lisa.. Along with the all of Japan. It was good because I could take pictures over their heads! I saw mummies and sculptures that dated back before Jesus! I feel pretty young now for 30! After Maggie and could not walk another step... Or steps! We got out of the louvre and found a chair to rest our legs. Watching people is probably one of my favorite things to do! The men wear tight pants and and the girls are wearing panty hose! Panty hose with shorts! All different colors from red to blue! It will be in the states soon enough.. And I'll know where it started. After a short while we made our way towards the Arc De Triomphe. We stood in the middle and watched the cars wiz by in a circle. Crazy!!
Now we are in our hotel room relaxing before dinner and watching french news. Oh, and drinking some wine that Bernard sent with us on our trip! Sweet man!
More tomorrow love from Paris


  1. Dear Kelley,
    Don't forget to say how Italian people look small, especially around schools .....
    Have a nice time in Paris.

  2. I left that part out on purpose! We are on our last night in Paris. It's sad, but I have had the time of my life! Thank you... Merci!